Kids Goat Farm


We are embarking on a Goat-Farm Campaign to establish atleast 10 farms with 50 goats each. As we start this project we would like YOU to participate with us.

You can also participate as a company. Corporate participation is highly encouraged in this noble venture as it provides a link between your company and the local children and their community.

Company Goat Farm

If your company would like to participate, we will facilitate the establishment of the goat farm for you and have it named after your Company. In this case your company through your employees will be able to establish a connection with the kids directly.

For example, if my company is Momenta AB and i want to establish a goat farm in KENYA, the following will be the procedure.

All this will include the work involved in putting up the farm and purchasing the goats.

Alternatively, two companies can jointly own a goat farm. That is, two companies can come together and decide to sponsor the establishment of a farm. Therefore the farm will be split between the particpating companies.

Connection with the Kids

Once the farm is established it will provide a direct link between the company staff and the children within the farm. This will help foster the bond with the children as they grow. Individual Staff members can also establish special bonds with specific children within the company goat farm.

All companies are welcome. Participate in this project now!