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Our Farms - Kilgoris


Kilgoris is a town in the Rift Vallery Province, Kenya. It is the capital of the Trans Mara District. The town has a population of 4500 (1999 census). Maasai are the prominent tribe in the area, though it is located near area inhabited by the Gusii people. Some ethnic clashes have occurred between the tribes (e.g. cattle raiding). The town is located near the popular Masai Mara National Park.

The Kilgoris Farm

This farm originally started with 50 goats assigned to 50 children each. The farm did experience some loses to a livestock disease that swept across the country decreasing the livestock count by 13 Goats. Thus the current figures stand at 37 Adult Goats and 3 New Births totalling to 40 Goats. It has a caretaker by the name of Joseph Kiptek.